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Inventory Management

Regulated Inventory is a crucial resource in healthcare and research. Although managing ordinary inventory and equipment is important, tracking regulated inventory is a particularly complex process subject to Federal, state and local constraints. Biological, chemical, and radioactive materials have statutory reporting requirements as well as limits imposed on possession by the enterprise, in individual locations, and by specific custodians of the material. The notion of cradle-to-grave means accountability from approval of acquisition, receipt, transport to the site of use, usage, waste pickup, and final disposal.

Managing Regulated Inventory

Organizational oversight of inventory can be a headache – from equipment and non-hazardous materials to the hazardous and even extremely hazardous chemicals, and the biological and radiological materials, and everything in between. Our Inventory Manager is the gatekeeper for receiving, distributing, retrieving, and submitting regulated materials to the disposal and waste stream.

Find Your Materials Quickly

The system is preloaded with the most common radioactive materials, chemicals from the EPA List of Lists, and common equipment used in research. The system supports SDS input from spreadsheets and scanned documents and has a preloaded SDS database of 230,000 items. To keep you from moving between multiple applications to get your job done, our Inventory Manager has an interface to MSDS Online (requiring enterprise subscription) from which you can access 3.5 million SDS records!

Maintain and Track Inventory from One Screen

Using a simple dashboard interface, you can maintain all hazardous and non-hazardous inventory and tracking of specialized materials, including radiological materials, chemicals, biological materials, throughout your organization. The system handles ordering, receipt, and disposal management, and it is specifically designed for regulated research materials and equipment. Each material and equipment record type has configurable fields that allow you to track any attribute of the item.

Use to Enhance Other Nexus Products

If you have other Nexus products, the system supports requests from our other systems to transfer material for a project, return material to inventory, handle depleted stock, and transfer to a new responsible party.  The Inventory Manager also includes a process for email notifications about preventive maintenance, leak testing, wipe testing, and calibration. You can configure any other type of email notification that would be useful to your organization.

Drive Compliance

The Inventory Manager is a significant part of what drives compliance in our products. Material quantities are managed in this module and ensure that a researcher, a department, a building, and the entire organization are not to exceed their specific statutory limits. For example, in radiological materials use, dosimetry badges are requested in PI-Dashboard and issued through the Inventory Manager. On your Nexus Launch Pad, you can use a form to enter dosimetry readings and report missing badges. 

Report and Analyze

All inventory reporting is done through our included Reports Manager using standard reports or using the Analytics tool (also included) for ad hoc queries.

Inventory Manager can handle any type of inventory in your organization, including:

  • Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT)
  • Hazardous Agents
  • Animals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Equipment
  • Non-hazardous chemicals

Benefits of using Inventory Manager include:

  • Track hazardous, non-hazardous, and regulated materials, animals, equipment, and any other inventory in your organization
  • Track your inventory from receiving, distributing, retrieving, submitting, and disposal
  • Input data directly into system forms or upload it using spreadsheets or document scans
  • Access millions of SDS records
  • Send email notifications for any stage of the inventory workflow

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With over 25 years of passionate presence in life sciences research and clinical medicine, Nexus has evolved as the most powerful and flexible research portfolio management, safety, and occupational health system on the market.

Kelly V. Morgan, PhD, CEO Tsirona Health

The Numbers Tell the Story

Nexus currently manages hundreds of thousands of research protocols, lab inspections, employee-patient records, workplace incidents, clinic encounters, and mass immunizations. Consider joining these satisfied users today by reaching out for a demonstration.