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Laboratory Safety Manager

How do you ensure that all components of laboratory safety—people, places, and things connected to research—are visible to the safety department for oversight? One piece of information falling through the cracks could cause major issues. Our Laboratory Safety Manager (LSM) is used to promote laboratory safety through physical inspection, deficiency identification and correction, and certification with data that is globally updated immediately when information changes, whether on initial protocol approval or during the lifecycle of an inspection.

Multi-dimensional Laboratory Safety Tools

Our products are designed specifically for high-volume research institutions working with a variety of potentially harmful and regulated materials. Our set of workplace safety products can be used as stand-alone solutions in your organization, hook up to your existing systems. They can also work together as a suite of tightly-integrated tools to support laboratory clearance procedures, laboratory safety and inspection, respirator training and fit governance, highly-regulated materials inventory, and workplace injury and illness investigation and tracking.

Easily Tailor Our Products Fit Your Organization

You can make our products your own – matching your organizational workflows, processes, data gathering, and governance to create the safest institution possible. We provide a centralized, highly-tailorable framework that is accessible worldwide by large population of geographically disparate researchers, OHS staff, and oversight personnel performing a wide variety of work. The data collected drives compliance in laboratory safety and employee health by connecting the three most important stakeholders of these enterprises – researchers, Employee Health and Safety (EHS) staff, and health care providers in your Occupational Health Services (OHS) clinic.

We Offer Multiple Workplace Safety Products

We offer the following Workplace Safety products to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Laboratory Clearance Manager: fulfills a unique organizational need to provide a simple process for institutional data collection associated with procedures to safely vacate and decommission laboratory space.
  • Laboratory Safety Manager: ensures all components of laboratory safety—people, places, and things connected to research—are visible to the safety department for oversight through physical inspection, corrective action, and certification with data that is globally updated immediately when information changes, whether on initial protocol approval or during the lifecycle of an inspection.
  • Respiratory Training Manager: includes evaluation, training, fit, and annual medical clearance for respirator use.
  • Workplace Incident Manager: an OSHA-compliant reporting application that tracks workplace injuries and illnesses from first health care provider encounter through assignment to, and investigation by, a safety specialist to help capture true cost of injuries and illnesses in an institution and provides data for remediation and workplace safety training plans designed to reduce workplace injuries.

Tie People and Risks to a Specific Space

Our PI-Dashboard provides the source data for LSM by tying people and risks to a specific laboratory space, and then the safety staff ensures that all laboratory spaces are inspected based on actual use. 

Laboratory Survey Creation

The typical workflow of a lab survey starts with survey creation by the safety staff member at the desktop. The frequency of the lab’s survey is based on your organization’s policy for that lab environment, e.g., biosafety level 4 or animal use labs. The survey and associated questions (“measures”) are specific to the type of work being done in the space to be surveyed. For example, a biosafety level 2 lab will have more measures to be surveyed than a biosafety level 1 lab. 

Site Visit and Inspection

Your safety staff member will then schedule a site visit during which he’ll perform a physical inspection and note deficiencies or measures that have not been satisfied. Using a mobile device, your safety staff member can fill out the survey form and take pictures to attach to the measure that is deficient. Upon returning to the office, the safety staff member can review the survey to ensure accuracy and then publish it for PI review when ready.

PI Deficiency Correction

The PI is notified that she has a survey that is ready for her review, and she will log in to LSM to review any deficiencies that need to be corrected. Deficiencies are answered in a variety of ways, usually with some form of documented remediation, but the responses types can be configured to suit your organization’s needs. Once finished, the survey is returned to the safety staff member who reviews, re-inspects if necessary, and then closes the survey.

At-a-Glace Laboratory Information

Beyond survey completion and deficiency creation, response, and resolution, LSM presents detailed laboratory information, allowing for an at-a-glance understanding of laboratory conditions, store materials, and identification of personnel working in the laboratory. All data collected in the creation of laboratory details, surveys, and deficiencies is presented in a series of reports in each role-based LSM reporting module. These customizable reports allow you to analyze the collected information, enhancing your ability to improve operational processes based on data output.

Laboratory Clearance

have a simple process for institutional data collection associated with procedures. Our Laboratory Clearance Manager helps you to ensure laboratory conditions are safe for those who are entering a vacated space where research with hazardous materials, chemicals, or objects was previously conducted. Additionally, the tool assists you in using the laboratory clearance process as a self-check safety and quality assurance process for the PI or associated researchers responsible for clearing the space of hazards.

Clear Labs Safely with a Simple Questionnaire

The basic process for a laboratory clearance check involves both a requestor and a safety staff member in charge of clearance. The requestor will notify the safety staff that the space will be vacated by completing a basic safety questionnaire, which you can customize in our Forms Manger. The questionnaire is then electronically submitted to the responsible safety staff member. After the safety review, the requestor is granted a clearance.

Laboratory Clearance workflow:

  • Requestor submits a simple form notifying the safety staff that she is vacating the space
  • The request is placed in the responsible safety staff member’s queue
  • The safety staff member reviews and clears the space
  • The space is listed as cleared in the system

Respiratory Protection Manager

In many organizations, employees who use respirators for lab work, maintenance, and clinical research require training and oversight before respirator use. For example, many of our customers require a medical clearance exam prior to being issued a respirator - including an exam in OHS and a medical record of the equipment request and use – as well as periodic training, fittings, and tracking. Our Respiratory Protection Manager supports your processes that are necessary to maintain proper surveillance and compliance in your organization’s respirator oversight program.

 Record Maintenance

The Respiratory Protection Manager maintains the records of all employees registered in your respirator program and their status, from new respirator user request through medical clearance, training, fitting, and placement into the program queue for future refresher trainings and fittings.

Respiratory Training Manager Components

The Respirator Protection Manager has two main components: a management console for oversight personnel and a training module for employees requesting respirators.

The management console is the primary element of the system. A member of your oversight staff can customize the system workflow, manage all compliance records, email employees enrolled in your respirator program, and create or edit training and quizzes. This console is a one-stop-shop for all respirator program oversight activities.

The employees enrolled in the programs will see training and quizzes in their main Nexus home page. All training can be accessed and completed from there.

Respirator program oversight staff can:

  • Customize the system workflow to fit your organization’s needs
  • Manage all respirator fit requests
  • Maintain compliance records and know when employees are due to retrain or refit
  • Email employees enrolled in your respirator program
  • Create or edit training and quizzes

Benefits of using the Laboratory Safety Manager:

  • Systemize your lab safety processes to make them simple to replicate and complete
  • Shorten your lab survey turnaround time
  • Complete lab surveys on a mobile device, on a personal computer, or on a printed form of the survey for later data input
  • Increase accountability and compliance with deficiency remediation and other corrective actions with deficiency creation, response, and resolution
  • Have an at-a-glance understanding of laboratory conditions and identification of personnel working in the laboratory with detailed laboratory information
  • All data collected in the creation of laboratory details, surveys, and deficiencies is presented in a series of reports


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