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Clinical Access Manager

Our Clinical Access Manager (CAM) helps your Occupational Health clinic staff create complex conflict-free patient and resource scheduling, automatic charge capture (in dollars or relative value units), insurance referral tracking, and analysis of utilization and outcomes. By using CAM, your clinic can reduce cancellations and no-shows using a sophisticated reminder and recall system and by tracking reasons for missed appointments.

CAM Highlights

  • Searchable Master Patient Index database and related Patient Demographics records
  • Connection to our EMR and MSM products or your organization’s preferred EMR product
  • Scheduling functionality for making, tracking, and viewing appointments and appointment series
  • Queuing module to track patient flow and timing metrics
  • Charge Capture module to collect payment or otherwise account for patient visits in your clinic
  • Multiple views of schedules for individual health care providers, teams, rooms, equipment, and the entire clinic’s resources
  • Ambulatory Patient Tracking module for at-a-glance viewing of patient movement through the clinic, including wait times, patient names, and locations
  • Analytics module to delve deeper into your CAM data

Easily Schedule Appointments

In just a few clicks, clinic staff can schedule single appointments, log walk-in or stat appointments, and even create complicated linked sets, series, and protocols to handle even the most difficult scheduling challenges with ease.

Simple Team, Department, and Resource Scheduling

CAM solves multi-departmental and sophisticated scheduling challenges that can include individual health care providers, teams, resources, rooms, equipment, and other customizable scheduling factors. Our job is to make your small, medium, large, even multi-site clinic run smoothly with little effort on your part!

View Schedules in Multiple Ways

CAM simplifies complex scheduling problems by allowing your clinic staff to view schedules from individual staff, teams, patients, locations, and modality perspectives or view a clinic master schedule. When an appointment is entered on one schedule view, the other schedules are instantly updated, reducing errors and administrative work. 

Manage Complete Conflict Checking and Resolution

CAM manages complete conflict checking and resolution for a single appointment or series of appointments. CAM includes a Get Next Available Time smart scheduling function for staff, teams, and locations and easy canceling and rescheduling of one or more appointments. All schedule formats are completely user-definable to allow each user to decide what information is to be displayed.

CAM is Loaded with Features!

CAM features designed to make your clinic stand out include:

  • Patient Portal: To empower patients, your clinic can allow patients to access a Patient Portal for self-scheduling, cancellation, a view of past and future appointments, and medical document access. This is helpful in encouraging compliance and empowering the patient, especially in complex, multi-visit treatment scheduling and in workplace surveillance efforts.
  • Ambulatory Patient Tracking (APT): A busy clinic is a dynamic environment, and problems that are identified quickly can be solved quickly. The APT module is a complete picture of the working clinic where clinic staff can see at-a-glance where patients are, who has been kept waiting too long, who has gotten held up in the clinic, as well as a wealth of other metrics. The APT module can even be displayed on a flat screen status board in the clinic for users who only need status, rather than CAM’s full appointment making functionality!              
  • Analytics module: Our Analytics module for reporting and analysis on any data in CAM empowers your clinic to have a clear view of efficiency and patient flow with rich, helpful clinic statistics reporting.

Comprehensive Patient Records

CAM allows you to enter dozens of patient record items, from demographics, insurance, emergency, and referral information, to several free-form text blocks for progress notes and other variable-length information, to document and image uploads.  

But, we have even more options for your patient records. The out-of-the-box Patient Demographics module can be replaced with any clinic or third-party Patient Demographics module, even an interface to an existing Enterprise Health Information System record. CAM also provides “hooks” via its Electronic Medical Record framework for user-customizable patient clinical records. All diagnostic and treatment data are maintained with the overarching patient record and are available for reporting and statistical analysis in our included Analytics module.

Scheduling Health Care Providers and Clinic Resources

Before patients can be scheduled, CAM must know who is working when and what services they are credentialed to perform. The Health Care Provider (HCP) Schedule module allows an administrator in your clinic to quickly set up a multi-week schedule for an HCP and, more importantly, change it on the fly.

Though schedules can be created ahead of time for months into the future through cloning and making individual changes, the real power of the HCP Schedule module comes in handling the inherently dynamic nature of HCP scheduling. When a provider gets called away, or is otherwise suddenly out of the clinic, a clinic administrator can use this tool to block out the time and automatically reschedule any existing appointments to a like-credentialed HCP. This reduces scheduling headaches and confusion when life’s realities conflict with your clinic’s schedule.

In addition to HCP scheduling, physical locations, equipment, and other resources may also be scheduled at the same time. For all types of scheduling, CAM manages complete conflict checking and resolution for a single appointment or series of appointments. The system provides a Get Next Available Time smart scheduling function for staff, teams, and locations, and easy canceling and rescheduling of one or more appointments to keep schedule data clean and accurate.

The Patient’s Welcome into Your Clinic

When a patient is welcomed at the front desk, or prior to treatment, a picture can be displayed to confirm the patient’s identity, along with any visit-specific notes. Your clinic can define any number of alarms to be displayed before or after treatment to ensure that important events, such as information collected, forms signed, or labs drawn, are completed. 

Queuing Patients

After the patient checks in, he is queued into the system. This continues the queuing log of the activities representing the lifecycle of an appointment, which started when the appointment was first made, and it continued with reschedules, cancellations, and now the arrival for the appointment itself. After the patient is queued into the system on arrival, the provider scheduled to see the patient is notified with an on-screen message on her computer or device.

Track the Patient and Chart through Your Clinic

Queuing a patient through the department can be done using a few simple keystrokes or by scanning the patient’s chart barcode while directing the patient into the waiting area or treatment room. This feature also allows tracking of the patient chart through the clinic. When a patient is queued into a treatment area, any external program can be launched automatically to handle charting, order entry, record and verify, or any other appropriate clinical support function.

Record All Steps on the Patient’s Path

Queued patients’ statuses change on the schedule views as the patient is moved through the locations required for the visit type (e.g., an area to capture vitals, an exam room, a lab) until appointment completion. All of these steps are recorded in an appointment queue history that documents the exact steps that are executed along with the relevant time stamps, staff IDs, location IDs, and, where applicable, cancellation codes. This queue forms the basis for charge capture and cost coding that CAM can generate for a billing system.

Capture Charges

After the patient’s appointment, he is charged for the visit (or the visit is otherwise logged and completed). Using the Charge Capture function leads to fewer missed charges and increased revenues for the clinic, as it provides the ability to capture base charges associated with standard procedures or even with specific patients. Additional charges are predefined and entered from any schedule. Charges can be captured at the time of service, later modified and adjusted when needed, or simply viewed and annotated to answer patient or insurance company questions.

The Charge Capture module maintains the clinic’s charge codes and maps them to CPT codes.  This allows for complete flexibility as well as ease of transition from a manual system. Charges can be tracked and analyzed for clinic use, productivity metrics, and transport to billing for processing using one of many interface options available.

Complete the Appointment

After Charge Capture is complete, the patient’s appointment is queued as completed and the clinic staff can view all relevant patient, visit, and clinic flow information associated with the visit.

Major benefits of using CAM in your clinic:

  • Improved patient flow through clinics with Ambulatory Patient Tracking and Queuing
  • No wasted time – CAM allows all authorized personnel to schedule patients onto a common master departmental schedule using any browser from their own workstations or from a mobile device
  • Enhanced staff effectiveness by reducing the time required to handle routine scheduling and rescheduling chores
  • Reduced cancellations and no-shows with CAM’s conflict resolution and smart scheduling functions that use a patient reminder and recall system and that track reasons for missed appointments


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