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Research Portfolio Management

Your organization’s research portfolio is one of your greatest assets. With this portfolio, you manage researcher careers, great discoveries, measurable societal benefits, and your organization’s financial health. With HealthRx’s Nexus suite of products, your portfolio management can go from overwhelming and complicated to elegant, streamlined, and meaningful.

Manage All Aspects of the Research Portfolio

We created PI-Dashboard to manage all aspects of the research portfolio, including protocol completion and submission, management of materials and inventory, association of researchers on the protocol, approvals by health, safety, and review board members, and complete protocol lifecycle updates.

Configure PI-Dashboard to Your Organization’s Way of Working

PI-Dashboard’s workflow engine, forms, reports, and notification systems are fully configurable your organization. And if you need further customization, we are happy to do that.

Manage Research in Multiple Domains

PI-Dashboard is available for five different research domains:

  • Biological
  • Animal
  • Chemical
  • Radiation
  • Human Trials (IRB)

Reduce Errors and Approval Times

Our customers have seen a significant reduction in errors and approval times in the protocol submission and approval process since adopting PI-Dashboard. One of our large customers has seen an 80% decrease in approval time for new protocol submissions, allowing their researchers to get to work on world-changing discoveries instead of going back and forth with approval paperwork.

Minimize the Researcher’s Administrative Workload

PI-Dashboard was designed to minimize the time researchers need to spend submitting protocols and requests. We do this by allowing cloning of previous similar submissions, attaching existing documents instead of typing information, and delegating one or more proxies to manage the process.

Keep Protocol Data Secure

Like all of our products, PI-Dashboard functions at the highest security level, so you can be confident that precious protocol information is completely safe. Only those researchers who are associated with a protocol and review staff can see the assigned research. Proprietary and sensitive information is kept secure through a role-based system.

The secure, role-based, tailored process is started by filling out online forms that support a specific kind of protocol or request. Depending on your research domain and configuration settings, researchers are presented with questions based on the kind of work being done, with what risks, in what laboratory space, and with which specific associated researchers. Researchers are only prompted to fill out what is necessary! The system checks for errors and compliance needs, such as required associated training.

Easily Communicate with All Involved in the Approval Process

After protocol submission, PI-Dashboard facilitates the most important part of the review process –enhanced communication between the Principal Investigator (PI) and reviewers. Comment areas within the system and email notifications allow the review process to move forward outside of business hours whenever a user has access to the system.

Never Worry about Losing Track of a Protocol

Once a protocol is ready for submission, a single click places it in the queue of whichever reviewer(s) the workflow dictates, and email notifications are sent. Health and safety officers can set up committee meetings for group reviews, voting, and meeting minutes within PI-Dashboard. The system was designed to be a convenient, one-stop-shop for research portfolio management.

During the life of a protocol, all elements, including the original draft, attachments, comments during review, determinations, restrictions, etc., are kept as one file, which is retrievable, printable in whole, or searchable as necessary. All elements are tied together with a date/timestamp of each activity throughout the whole protocol lifecycle.

Ensure Researcher Compliance

Our approach to research portfolio management allows both real-time monitoring and retrospective analysis of protocol data to ensure that your organization is working optimally, that nothing slips through the cracks, and that all researchers are compliant with your organization’s policies and standards.

Benefits of managing your research portfolio with PI-Dashboard:

  • Easily manage research across multiple domains
  • Connect protocols to researchers, labs, materials, equipment, training, and risks
  • Minimize the time needed to submit and approve research requests
  • Configure your system to match your organization’s management structure, including business rules, mandates, and regulations
  • Significantly reduce errors and approval times in the protocol submission and approval process
  • Keep protocol information secure and accessible only to the appropriate people
  • Minimize the researcher’s administrative workload
  • Easily communicate with all involved in the approval process
  • Ensure researcher compliance


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With over 25 years of passionate presence in life sciences research and clinical medicine, Nexus has evolved as the most powerful and flexible research portfolio management, safety, and occupational health system on the market.

Kelly V. Morgan, PhD, CEO Tsirona Health

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