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Workplace Incident Manager

Organizations – especially those with risks – require the ability to capture the true cost of incidents, injuries and illnesses and to provide data for remediation and workplace safety training plans designed to reduce workplace incidents. Our Workplace Incident Manager’s OSHA-compliant reporting tracks workplace injuries and illnesses from the first health care provider encounter through assignment to, and investigation by, an occupational health and safety specialist.

File Incident Reports Even Without an Occupational Health Service Clinic

If no Occupational Health Service clinic is readily available, employees can file an incident report online through a secure portal in our Nexus suite, which is then routed through a workflow you have designed specifically for your organization.

Manage the Investigation Workflow

In addition to collecting data for and creating your OSHA and specialized incident reports, the system manages the workflow of incident investigation to support a variety of reporting needs, culminating in statutory DOL reporting.  We use incident investigation data and workflow tracking data to give you insight into investigator productivity, time-to-close statistics, and the root causes of incidents.

Attach Unlimited Supporting Documentation

The paperless investigation process allows your health and safety staff to attach unlimited documents, photos, emails, and any other supporting information as the case progresses.

Handle Simple and Complex OSHA and Organizational Reports

The source injury or illness report can be as simple as the OSHA 301 or as complex reporting injuries involving human pathogens and toxins, non-human primates, and radiation and chemical exposures. The Workplace Incident Manager includes standard OSHA reports and specialized incident reports for complex biological, chemical, or radiation exposures. You can design any incident source report scratch or modify one of the existing reports from the library.


Make Your Incident Data Work for You

Using our included Analytics module, incident data can be mined to answer important questions and respond to ad hoc requirements, like what department had the highest number of needle stick injuries among Summer interns, which would help to direct precious training dollars to the right use. The data generated by these reports can be exported to any format to be incorporated into larger data analysis efforts.

Benefits of using the Workplace Incident Manager:

  • Capture the true cost of injuries and illnesses in your organization
  • Collect data that you can use for workplace safety training plans designed to reduce workplace incidents
  • Attach an unlimited number of documents, photos, emails and other supporting information to a report
  • Use report temples from a large library of OSHA and specialized incident reports
  • Customize reports using your data
  • Use workflow data to track the productivity of your investigators

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With over 25 years of passionate presence in life sciences research and clinical medicine, Nexus has evolved as the most powerful and flexible research portfolio management, safety, and occupational health system on the market.

Kelly V. Morgan, PhD, CEO Tsirona Health

The Numbers Tell the Story

Nexus currently manages hundreds of thousands of research protocols, lab inspections, employee-patient records, workplace incidents, clinic encounters, and mass immunizations. Consider joining these satisfied users today by reaching out for a demonstration.